Alex Stelea

Atlanta, Georgia

Computer Science '16, Georgia Tech (Age: 21)

Microsoft, Jawbone, Prezi, Carlsson Portfolio

English, Romanian, Spanish, French

T&M Denning Technology & Management Scholar, Grand Challenges Member

Georgia Tech Outstanding Sophomore Award, President's Undergraduate Research Award

TEDxYouth '10: Social Media and Tablet Technology in Revolutionizing Classroom Learning

I do not believe in fluff. I believe in breaking boundaries and accepting mistakes. I am a doer.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the brightest minds and hottest companies, allowing me to grow as a software engineer, program manager, and most importantly, an entrepreneur. I have extensive full-stack web & software development experience across multiple industries.

I actively seek out new opportunities surrounding myself with people that help maintain an intense passion and ambition to improve.

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Program Management Intern - Camera & First-Party Engineering (WDG)

May - August 2015

Internship is still in progress :)

Software Engineering Intern - Algorithms

May - August 2014

My first task was to overhaul and add significant new features to the main online algorithm environment at Jawbone, currently where all data sets & algorithms are stored, run, and analyzed. This summer also made me realize that I was very passionate about machine learning / artificial intelligence, especially in the possibilities it could bring to health markets and education. I also got to fully direct another project in the area of iOS with an extremely talented principal software engineer working on the heavy lifting algorithmic modeling.

Outstanding Sophomore Award

April 2014

An award given to a sophomore based on GPA and demonstration of leadership through extracurricular activities.

Software Engineering Intern - Growth

May - July 2013

As Prezi's first intern, I have seen this company grow from a million users to over 30 million in the two years I have been with. I have impacted many aspects of this company from finance, marketing, support, and lately product development. Working with some brilliant minds and individuals has made me understand the struggles of being successful; a fact that Prezi has been cash flow positive since the first year of operation.

International Grand Prize

October 2013

Received first place internationally in the Bank of America Campus Challenge designing a rewards program for Bank of America's network. I worked with an interdisciplinary team of ten we won two rounds to be awarded first place in the 2nd Bank of America Campus Challenge.


August 2013 - July 2014

HIVE is a research program that attempts at reducing childhood obesity in Atlanta. I was the head of technology for the program, creating effective technical solutions for data collection and analysis. HIVE has research effective way of curbing childhood health and promoting overall childhood health to children in elementary school. We are currently in the process of publishing our results after conducting a semester long study with Chattahoochee Elementary School


January 2013 - January 2015

Life is not always about personal opportunities; I realized that working on software engineering for the improvement of society was a fantastic combination. My research lab at Georgia Tech focuses on international development and technology and I specialize on Aggie, a social media analytics and tracking software used in elections in Nigeria, Libya, and Kenya. It is a very powerful visualization software; my role being to redesign, create, and maintain the redesigned Aggie. I'm very excited to work on a project that can directly touch so many lives.


November 2011

It all started with a "What if ". What if the newly released iPad and onset of social network could change and influence our world, and especially in the field of education. In hindsight, our vision is always 20/20, but at the time I examined a very controversial topic that few people were willing to accept the concepts of MOOC's and tablets. I discussed the use of social media and tablet technology in revolutionizing classroom technology, a talk that was very well received.

Carlsson Porfolio

November 2010 – May 2012

Carlsson Portfolio is a luxury gateway planner company that strives to offer their clients the finest in terms of luxury and quality. I was hired as the head developer for creating both the iPhone and iPad applications for their company. This is where I learned to combine code into a meaningful end user experience. Apple featured both my applications for CP Greece in the New & Noteworthy categories at the time of launch.

BYND 2015 Global Youth Summit, Costa Rica

September 2013

Created a tool that visualized the primary school enrollment rate (Millennium Development Goal #2) for countries as well as crowd-sourced incident reporting on a global level. The tool was very easy for officials to use. Unesco was very interested in future possibilities in this dimension space.


August 2014

Huntbnb is a data hack that exposes Airbnb's location information for landlords to locate illegal listings. It was featured by Business Insider, Fast Company, Hackernews, and LeMonde. Reached over 100k views in it's first week. Airbnb has since shut down API access as we were using a vulnerability, but the website still remains at

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